How do you stay cool during a planned or unplanned outage?

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Make a list of requirements

When planned or emergency maintenance/replacement on an existing chiller plant is needed, your cooling partner needs to deliver these key requirements.

Aggreko maintains a fleet of 300-1000 ton water-cooled chillers in addition to 10 to 450 ton air cooled chillers and works with building owners, facility managers, and contractors to create the optimal cooling solution for each project.


Choose the right type of chiller

This is an important decision because savings in energy and fuel can completely offset the expense of the optimal rental chiller solution. So, let’s compare: Air-Cooled Chillers vs. Water-Cooled Chillers.

To find your optimal cooling solution and calculate your savings:


Call Aggreko to provide the right solution

To keep your building up and running during any kind of outage, Aggreko has you covered—from the team to the fleet to the 24/7/365 services. Watch how it all comes together.

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    Increase efficiency

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    Maximize uptime

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    Minimize the negative impact to the facility

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    Reduce operating/rental costs

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Easily install and operate your Aggreko chiller

The Aggreko rental units are easy to use and our team of Temperature Control specialists ensure the equipment is correctly sized and installed.

Convenient Installation Options

  • Water-cooled Chiller

    The Aggreko water-cooled chillers can be tied into the existing condenser water system.

  • Cooling Towers

    Rental cooling towers can be sized and supplied with the chiller.

Temperature Control Experts At Your Service

Aggreko’s team of Temperature Control experts work with you to ensure the equipment is correctly sized and installed.

We’re ready for your call!

Contact Aggreko 24/7/365 to rent a water-cooled chiller. In the event that air-cooled rental chillers are the optimal solution, we have you covered there too!